My alias domains

Here, you can manage your alias domains for email.

The alias domain means that unless you specify otherwise, then all mails under your domain are automatically delivered to your mailbox. This is also called catchall email.

For example, if your main mailbox is [email protected], and the domain is, then all mails with usernames under this domain (such as [email protected]) will be automatically delivered to [email protected]. You can also specify email addresses on your domain (such as [email protected]) to a different account like [email protected].

You can add your own alias address as the sender identity in webmail. For example, [email protected] can be set as a real sender in Snappymail.

Please note that after adding a domain, you must add the following two DNS records for this domain.

  • MX records: 10
  • SPF records: v=spf1 ~all

As the above MX and SPF records are not given correctly, you will not be able to send and receive mails.